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Illustration [created in ink] was created in Grenada where the monkey lives and thrives today eating banana, mango and nutmeg. The monkey is from our native american clan called ‘mapuche’ and is the owner of the volcanic islands like the mapuche people that live in ecuador, columbia and brazil, republics created in 1878. the monkey is called ‘haray’ and there are about 3,800 and they are responsible for the roots of the palm trees and the cocoa that grow in Grenada. To purchase this art, use this paypal button and we will have them shipped directly to you. Let us know if there is another message you would like printed on the cards. Please send us your mailing address in an email to — you pay for 50 postcards with envelopes
‘La Cholita’ [created in pastels] is from the andina alps in south aymara and represents the incas that care for the corn and they created the root vegetable and it has been used in the world and it has been also disregarded and so the plant has changed because of the level of greed that it has been grown with. However, it still feeds our native american DNA. Order 50 postcards with envelopes and send in your mailing address to