we are fundraising for 10 food trucks to give out to families that need work and can manage the menu Inka designed to sell in mexico areas.

consider a $40 donation

Investor gets good karma for giving back to this community and a possible percentage depending on how much is fundraised to help rebuild families. Inka trains the chefs to prepare vegetarian dishes. Anyone that has funding to invest and wishes to help our community create more business, please email us at incachef@gmail.com. I am a chef that caters and a creative designer that can help promote the food mobile and my menu is a list of easy and attractive platters that will sell quickly. I have over 15 years of catering events and servicing restaurants with design and occasionally designed dishes and menus.This movie ‘Chef’ shows us how you can make a profitable income with the food truck. I first saw the mobile in 1987 in Corsica, France where I spent a couple of summers learning about baking pizza. Investing in a food truck like this can help at least 3 families feed their groups. Each investment costs about $50,000. We estimate it will take about 4 years to fund-raise for at least 3 trucks, unless you have funding that needs positioning. 


Dan Cazio is an old friend from Greenwich Village, musician and artist. He is inventive, incredibly kind, generous and famous at the Bitter End music clubhouse at 147 Bleecker St, New York City at the corner of Thompson Street.

Many musicians started there. He is a manager there and entertains everyone as they walk in minding the door for the cover. He is witty, funny and worth a visit to the Bitter End to meet and find out when he is playing. He is also a great digital artist that sells his abstract art online. Please visit him on Facebook or Linked In so you can view some of his great art.

Contact dancazio@gmail.com for digital art enhancements, originals and photoshop production and design. He has trained at the Art Students League and is a great artist and music man. Check out his music list here on Reverbnation.

Please consider making a $35 donation to Dan Cazio’s projects to fund his music production. 

make a donation for a children’s book or painted tshirt

We are preparing series of books to print for our native american children. If anyone would like to sponsor a book, please contact Inka or you can make a donation towards these books.  The books are a total of 3 short stories per book that contain stories about our spirit and evolution. We design the shirts to suit the stories and prepare them for production using screen prints and hand painting techniques. We also organize workshops to paint the shirts for kids with kids and adults to fundraise for the production costs. If you are interested in participating with this fundraiser, please contact Inka at incachef@gmail.com

DONATE HERE  on Jessica’s (Inka) paypal account for safe payments