Inka Uma is a graphic and textile artist, painter and photographer investing in community kitchens and printing studios for textile design and screen printing. Inka teaches and presents workshops for business development and creative incentives to train teams and enhance community for small business.

Textile designing for fabric and garments

I design fabric and t-shirts and also hand paint which is a great way to create custom gifts for your clientèle or team during fun events. I organize workshops for kids and adults to hand paint tshirts as workshops.

Publications and desktop publishing using Indesign or Word

I started out in 1992 using Pagemaker and then Coreldraw, then Quarkxpress and now I use Indesign. Most designers do not practice using Microsoft tools for designing templates and other presentations but I have been servicing companies in PC since 1998 and adjusting fonts. I can service your print production if you have your own documents.

Illustrating and painting in gouache, pastels or inks for original art

Designing brochures, creating identity or styles, and publications but you also need an illustrator that can work in various media.

Logos and styles for your publications and events

You can have 3 variations for a concept and using them creatively and on merchandise like tshirts, towels or hats. Companies and groups of people should be focused on greater community and giving back.

Powerpoint presentation templates

The powerpoint template is designed with images and your colors and logo so you can use it every time you have a need for a presentation. Each template comes with a cover design and 3 pages for your bulleted information and with charts and table design if you need it.

Web design and web page maintenance service

I started updating and editing websites in 2000 and slowly learned html for basic changes and now I use mostly html, CSS coding for wordpress and opt for templates like weebly with great services that help a company understand how to program their business model into online communication. Creating webpages is easy but knowing how to implement them and use them as a learning tool is essential for your team and your customer.

Image editing

Editing images in photoshop, cropping, resizing, repairing color, saturation or correcting color spots for print production or presentation online. You can also get the photos in other resolutions or as half tones or as monotones, duotones or in grayscale.

Greeting cards and postcard designs

Designing for your specific needs and customizing your documents for your community events and clientèle is my expertise.